Letefoho Specialty Coffee 250g

Microlot Single Origin Microlot Coffee

Fairness for Coffee Farmers, high quality coffee for Consumers.


Additional information:

Sub-district of Letefoho in District of Ermera is one of the nearest coffee farming areas to the Timorese highest mpuntain Mount Ramelau (2963m).  Since 2003 we have beend implementing income generation program for coffee farmers in Letefoho through providing invaluable assistance to improve production know-how of coffee beans. We ask local coffee farmers to provide us with high quality coffee that is; highly value-added coffee so that in return we can offer better purchase price that matches the quality for local coffee farmers. Our primary goal is to attract coffee lovers around the world with our ethically traded coffee to enable coffee farmers in Letefoho to build economically sustainable future.

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